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Connect to Spirit is an integrated approach to wholeness/holiness; body, mind, emotions and spirit. The mission of Connect To Spirit is to assist people to empower themselves. This is accomplished by the following programs:

Life Coaching
Intuitive Readings / Spiritual Mentoring
Classes on Intuition, Life Purpose &/or meditation

What Connect To Spirit can do for you:

Awakened:  You know you are not alone on your journey. You release fear and are free to connect to your Higher Self/Soul, Guides, Angels and the God of your understanding. You also gain an awareness of who you really are, spiritually.

Empowered:  You have trust of your inner truth and the willingness to take authentic actions based on your purpose in life and the high road of your spiritual path.

Fulfilled:  Having embraced and utilized all your gifts, you have sustained a feeling of gratitude and joy. Without regrets about the past or fear of the future, you live fulfilled in the NOW.

"There are times when I feel stuck in life...like I can't move and am afraid or resistant to change. Your patience and gentle approach helped me to find my own answers to allow me to get moving, make decisions, and face my changes.....all with a refreshed outlook and excitement!"
C. Dunn - Minnesota

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